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Annual Renewal 2015: 

 If your company has the following licenses listed below, they must be renewed annually began on October 1, 2015 and the deadline is December 31, 2015

 IFTA, NM ,NY HUT. Oregon Permit.
 IL-ICC MC, IT plates. 
UCR Unified Carrier Registration

 IRP” Apportionment” address change.

Per Illinois SOS law, address changes must be submitted for BOTH the vehicle registration file and driver's license/State ID card as they are separate databases. Please provide address change information on every vehicle that is registered in your firm/name.

 Proof of address/ residency requirement:

All applicants must provide a copy of a phone bill, and individuals must provide a copy of their Illinois driver's license.  Corporations must provide a copy of their Illinois corporation papers. Foreign (out-of-state) corporations may be required to file with the Secretary of State's office and provide proof of good standing from the foreign jurisdiction.  In addition, three of the following are required:  Utility bills (within 45 days of registration) ,  Rental or lease contract for property,   Real estate tax bill, Proof of insurance.

   Illinois License Plate Services
  • Automobile License Plates (All Classes).
  • Automobile & Truck Renewal stickers.
  • Trucks " Illinois" (Base) Plate.
  • Trucks Apportionment (IRP) Plate.
  • Trucks Farm & Mileage plates.
  • IRP (New Applicant, Renewal,Transfers,
  • Addition units/states,Re-class,
  • Replacement of ID Card/Plates.
  • Charter buses plates and licensing. 
  • SHV " Special Hauling Permit" 


  • FMCSA: ICC / MC Authority Establishment.
  • Federal & Local Authority filing, update & Re-instatement.
  • Interstate: Common Carrier, Freight Forwarder,
  •  Broker & Household Authorities.
  • Intrastate (local)  MC #.
  • UCR processing and annual filing.
  • BOC-3: Process Agent filing.
  • SCAC Code. Filing and Annual update.
  • UIIA, Intermodal account processing.
  • DOT filing & Annual updates
  • New Carriers - Brokers Sing up.  


  • Title Transfer.  Expedited Service Available
  • Title / License plate transferee.
  • License plates/sticker Renewal/Replacement
  • Duplicate/ Lost vehicle title.
  • Vehicle title Correction.
  • Sales Contract /Bill of Sale.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Sales tax/ RUT-50, RUT-25 & RUT-7 .
  • License Stop.   

  • Federal Identification Number (FEIN).
  • Corporation Annual report, Reinstatement, & Amendment. 
  • Corporate Book Setup.
  • Minutes & By-Laws Setup.
  • Certificate of Shares.
  • Corporate Annual and Special meetings and resolutions. 
  •  Non-Trucking  Liability& Physical damage.
  •  Primary “ full” Liability.
  •  Motor Truck Cargo.
  •  Trailer interchange.
  •  Local & Dump trucks.
  •  General Liability.
  •  Broker Authority Bond.
  •  Fuel Bond.
  •  Workers Compensation.
  •  Owner Operators Truck Insurance.   
  • Corporation & Business Income Tax.
  • Individual Income Tax W-2.
  • Payroll Taxes.
  • Monthly and Annual Sales Tax.
  • "IBT" Illinois Business Registration.
  • IFTA License “Decals”.
  • IFTA Quarterly filing.
  • NY- HUT, NM, KY.AR, KS & OR. 
  • Quarterly and Annual Pproperty/Use Tax filing. 
  • Heavy Vehicle Use Tax “2290”. 
  • Notary Public
  • Immigration Petitioning and document Processing 
  • Translation from and Arabic.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Sales Contracts/Bill of Sales.
  • Business licensing.
  • And many more Services.....
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